adventurECO offers bicycle based workouts and activities designed to support general fitness and well being, and sports training, and are ideal for anyone seeking an enjoyable way to improve general fitness, incorporate a new component to their existing fitness regimen, or up their performance on the pitch or in the pool. And cycling is fun!

Workouts are customized based on age, sport(s) played, training needs, cycling proficiency, and other considerations. All fitness packages and service include the following items:

  • pre-training fitness consultation
  • cycling proficiency evaluation
  • basic bicycle safety instruction
  • bicycle maintenance inspection
  • training rides
  • bicycle rental available

All cycling for fitness activities incorporate Smart Cycling ‘Need to Know’ information and are led by a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certified by the League of American Bicyclists. 

Cycling based workouts provide low impact alternatives to walking / jogging / running, and/or introduce another discipline to your existing fitness regime.

adventurECO offers bicycle based fitness training designed to improve athletic performance in a variety of sports. Cycling based training improves aerobic and anaerobic cardio, and develops leg and core strength, without the additional ‘wear and tear’ of other training methods (i.e, additional running or practicing). Low impact bicycle based workouts are ideal for gym sports (basketball, volleyball) field sports (football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, ultimate), running sports (track, cross country), as well as swimmers looking to supplement and/or diversify dry land and out of pool training. Road cycling and mountain biking based training packages are available. Cycling training is customized based on age, sport(s) played, training needs, cycling proficiency, and other considerations. Road cycling and mountain biking training options are available.

adventurECO offers low impact, bicycle based workouts that facilitate weight loss through casual and recreational cycling. Training is customized based on weight loss goals, cycling proficiency, and other considerations. 

Note: For those interested in cycling for fitness but are new to cycling, or have not ridden a bicycle in a while, adventurECO offers cycling instruction and learn to ride assistance for cyclists (and aspiring cyclists) of all ages and abilities.

Contact adventurECO to learn more about our services, schedule a class or customized instruction, or learn to ride.

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