Cycling for Older Adults

adventurECO offers customized cycling instruction and services to help older adults enjoy the health, social, and mobility benefits of riding a bicycle. Whether you are a current cyclist, interested in relearning to ride a bicycle, or learning to ride a bicycle for the first time, adventurECO can help you rediscovering the joys of riding a bicycle.

All cycling instruction incorporates Smart Cycling ‘Need to Know’ information and is led by a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certified by the League of American Bicyclists.

Smart Cycling Tips for Older Adults
This League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling module focuses on older adults who are interested in riding but need guidance, and/or encouragement in getting started. The basic Smart Cycling Tips for Older Adults course comprises 1 hour of classroom instruction covering issues and concerns of older bicycle riders, changes we can make to continue to ride, and other tips and resources. Individual and group instruction is available. Smart Cycling Tips for Older Adults is ideal for senior centers, retirement communities, or other group events.

Smart Cycling
adventurECO offers customized, older adult focused Smart Cycling classroom and on-bike cycling instruction for those that complete the Smart Cycling Tip for Older Adults module and/or demonstrate sufficient cycling ability.

Learn to Ride
It is never too late to learn (or relearn) to ride a bike! Visit our Learn to Ride page first time or returning rider instruction and services for seniors.

Bicycle Rental and Delivery
adventurECO maintains a small number of newer and classic rental bicycles (up right, step through) suitable for use during cycling instruction, exploring area shared use paths, or simply testing the waters on returning to cycling. Bicycle drop off and pick up service are available.

Bicycle Selection Assistance
adventurECO can assist in locating, selecting, transporting, and refurbishing a pre-owned bicycle that best fits your cycling needs and budget to get you safely and cost effectively get back in the saddle again.

Bicycle Maintenance and Repair
adventurECO offers basic bicycle maintenance and repair. Let us tune up your old bicycle or refurbish a newly acquired pre-owned ride.

Shuttle Services
adventurECO offers shuttle services (cyclist and bicycle) to local paved shared use paths suitable for older or returning cyclists.

Contact adventurECO to let us help you get back in the saddle and rediscover the joys of riding a bicycle.

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